Thanks for visiting the Chop Shop! I am delighted to share my recipes with you!

Two years ago, my husband and I began exploring a Vegan, plant-based diet. Raised on the standard American diet, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! I had to learn to enjoy cooking fruits and vegetables, as well as find affordable options for what most people deem as “too expensive to bother.” With little faith that we would enjoy this new lifestyle or find a way to make it sustainable, we embarked.

I have been blown away by how rewarding this experience has been! Working with fruits and veggies is so much more fun than meat. The options are endless! Spices have become my second love and I can never get enough colors on my plate!

As I grew more confident in my recipes, friends and family began to ask questions. I could talk about food for hours, but for the sake of all those near and dear to my heart, I felt a blog might be more appropriate.

Note: Most of my recipes are NOT original. I have spent hours scouring the web and then tweak the recipes here and there to fit my family. My goal is to compile our most beloved recipes and lessen the learning-curve for anyone interested in starting a plant-based diet. I hope to create more original recipes in the years to come.

Some of my favorite blogs:





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