Budget Tips

When my husband first presented the idea of a plant-based diet, my first thought was, “How on earth could we afford all those healthy foods! We’re barely making it as it is!”

Much to my surprise, I have learned some tricks of the trade to keep our new lifestyle not only health conscious but also very budget friendly. I now cringe at the idea of buying meat, as it would easily become one of the most pricey items on my grocery list.

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned:

  • Meal plan as often as possible and NEVER go to the store without a list!! When I first began cooking a plant-based diet, I easily spent two hours finding new recipes and creating my grocery list. Although tedious and time-consuming at first, after two years I know our favorite recipes and can meal plan in minutes if necessary.
  • Meal plan according to local sales and what produce is in season – eating fresh berries in the dead of winter or butternut squash in mid spring is only going to spike your grocery bill
  • Water can substitute for broth in soup recipes – broth does provide more flavor and depth to the dish, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures
  • Bananas, potatoes, beans, and rice are our go-to foods, keeping our tummy’s full
  • Make as many meals and snacks from scratch as possible
  • Grow your own herbs and spices – cost effective and adds a fresh touch
  • Price match local sales with Walmart – this has saved me upwards of $20 on many shopping trips. Often the local small chain grocers will have incredible sales on a few items to increase business. Simply bring those ads with you to Walmart and share it with the cashier when you check out.

A penny saved is a penny earned!! Enjoy some thrifty shopping!


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